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200 Students Bestowed with ‘Rajyapuraskar’. Majestic Juncture for Ideal Campus

This is an extremely proud moment for Ideal, the school which persuaded all the students to get enrolled in Scout and Guides and its 200 students who won ‘Rajyapuraskar’. According to the sources, this is the first time such large number of students receive ‘Rjaypuraskar’ together.
Ideal Campus, from where 12 students from Bulbul received ‘Golden Arrow’ – an award by the Honourable President of India and 250 students received Governor Award such as ‘Heerak pank’ and ‘ Chaturth Charan’, sprints ahead by making all of its students enrolled in different categories of the squad under the President such as Bunnys (Montessori), Cub and Bulbul (from Grade 1- 4) ,Scout and Guides ( from Grade5-10), Rovers and Rangers 9 from Grade 10 to 25 years). A minimum of 6 and maximum of 32 students are required for a unit of scout and Guide to function. Such 20 units make a Sub Districts and 100 makes a District as per the record. As of
now, Ideal campus has a wide range of 3200 members in 150 units.
Though management of even a single unit needs a lot of preparation and travail in normal scenario, it is quite discernible that Ideal managed to spend almost Rs. 10 lakh for the training of its 200 teachers to nurture the 150 units in the campus. All the students who complete the training of scouts and Giudes possess the virtues such as discipline, sense of responsibility, project work practice, morality, physical fitness, and leadership quality. Mohammed Najih, a former student of Ideal was the only student who represented Kerala in World Scout Jamboree which is organized once in four years held in Japan in 2015. But this term, 19 students of Ideal including 9 girls are participating the World Scout Jamboree scheduled to be held in the United States of America from July 18 to August 02 and Ideal seems to be only school in the history of Kerala to send such large number of students for World Scout Jamboree . It is conspicuous that Fazil Majeed , a students of Ideal is the only volunteer(International Service team-IST) from kerala to participate in World Scout Jamboree. The management and the parents grant their inestimable support for the scout masters who relentlessly work to achieve the goal of declaring the school a Complete Scout School.

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