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FIEESTA’16 – Annual Day celebrations

Annual Day celebrations of Ideal Montessori and Primary Montessori- Fiesta’16 saw life and energy being propelled into the ethos formulated by the school this year.

The entire programme revolved around themes stemming from the visionary statement, ‘We, the trend setters..’ The first day of celebrations commenced with the inaugural programmes of the Primary Montessori students. This was followed by an item staged by the tiny tots of the Primary, wherein they danced to the  tunes of various songs based on different themes.

The students also came with their depiction of compassionate mother nature being ravaged by the reckless insensitive actions of man. Through song and dance they inculcated Eco-friendly attitudes and patriotism towards our country dramatized by   them.The vibrancy with which India’s ‘unity in diversity’ was conceptualized through folk dances captivated the crowd. The tiny tots of Montessori came with the most riveting performances which drew an unceasing applause. The entire three days of celebration ended with many amazing events vividly articulated through the colors of joy.

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