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Principals Foreword


Quoting Aristotle’s great saying “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all’, and emulating that as our vision and motto to nurture an upcoming future generation of enthusiastic and curious young minds, Ideal English Higher Secondary School would be primarily focusing on identifying, nurturing and training the hidden talents and potential of our precious students, with the sole aim of developing a new generation of youth armed with good education and nationalistic character.

I and my capable staff of teachers and other supporting  personnel of “TEAM IDEAL” pledge ourselves for this  onerous yet gratifying mission of academic and social  responsibility with great enthusiasm and strong determination to provide a consistent platform of holistic learning to the future generation of learners in and around this region, especially Malappuram District.

A child’s future can depend a lot, on the type of education they receive at every stage, and especially at the higher secondary level. Apart from refining the roots of earlier fundamental primary education of a child, higher secondary education can be instrumental in shaping and directing the child towards a bright future. Providing higher secondary education to all, with a focus on holistic quality education to develop a generation of capable, motivated, socially responsible youth, based on our ancient national order of tolerance, kindness and cultural acceptance of our unique diversity assumes greater meaning today. Ideal English Higher Secondary school takes some pride in contributing to this important facet in shaping young talents for a bright, happy and contented future.

As we all know, the children in India today are growing in a more challenging, demanding and impersonal environment, with too many diversions due to increased consumerism and proliferation of electronic gadgets and information overload. With the strong understanding and conviction about the need for a globally relevant education, our academic action plan and school curriculum is oriented to create an atmosphere of reverence for education in a healthy and happy environment where education, training programmes, personality development, sports, games, arts, literature, and co-curricular activities, will help in moulding our students and spur them on to be the brightest and the best.

We take utmost care and caution, in providing committed, safe and a pleasant environment within the school campus to make this part of a student’s journey in life a happy, and memorable one. We are also of the firm opinion that parents and the school authorities must work together in unison, complementing each other’s efforts and bringing about the right changes to inculcate enduring values and character in our students, thereby enabling them to get the best out of the school and themselves.

The parent-teacher association and school authorities together instil proper discipline and basic values in our children while preparing them academically for their future. We are proud to proclaim that, our students exhibit brilliant performances and win Medals in District/State/National Level Championships, which will get better in the coming years.

The synergized efforts by the parents, students and “TEAM IDEAL” bring us excellent results. The future will certainly witness more IDEAL’ites scaling higher heights of professional glory and personal satisfaction. We constantly are striving hard to develop a holistic training system for our students in yielding 100% pass with highest grades.

The competent teachers of our institution, strive hard and focus on each one of the students, monitor and mentor them, appreciate their achievements and encourage them to overcome their shortcomings. The students and parents are encouraged to feel no hesitation in approaching me or any of the staff to address any of their academic or personal concerns, worries or matters which could impact their academic performance in the long run. Rest assured that “TEAM IDEAL” will put in their best efforts to allay your concerns and repose your trust and faith in this fine institution.

We hope and pray like you parents that our students will always come out with flying colours in their studies and upkeep high social values bringing laurels to themselves, their parents and loved ones and the institution which put in their bit in this wonderful journey.

May the Almighty shower blessings upon our dear children!

With best wishes and warm regards!