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“Priority for Children’s dreams!” Mr Rajeevkumar Choudhary I.A.S

“Priority for Children’s dreams!” Mr Rajeevkumar Choudhary I.A.S
Delivering the inaugural speech in a ceremony that was held in Ideal campus, honouring the scout and guide cadets who represented India at the esteemed World Scout Jamboree in North America, Mr Rajeevkumar Choudhary I.A.S, the Assistant Collector, Malappuram, opined that preference must be for children’s dreams, not for parents’. Citing the words of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, he urged the students to aspire big as there is nothing impossible to achieve in life.

Mr Kunhavu Haji, the Chairman of Ideal Trust, presided over the ceremony. Among the 26 cadets who participated in the World Scout Jamboree held in North America this year, 19 students and 2 teachers were from Ideal campus.

Fasil Majid, who was one among the only 10 Indians to be honoured with International Service Team Award, IST, at the Jamboree, was specially honoured by the Chief Guest, apart from the other scouts and cadets, in the presence of their family members and the Directors of the School Management. The Academic Director, Mr KA Majeed, Principals and HMs spoke appreciating the cadets.

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