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Rabeeh 2017

The Sufi transcends all boundaries of culture, religion and ethics . A Sufis life is dedicated to the love, peace, unity, devotion & service of Allah. SufianaKalam was a musical
Sufi concert with a bouquet of prophetic songs held in Ideal Campus as the part of MEELAD ‘E’ NABI By conducted by the IDEAL ISLAMIC MADRASSA. The well known Sufi
singers Sameer Binsi& Imam Majboor led theprogramme. Mr. UmerPunathil, The Head of the Arabic Department presided overprogramme in which Sri. KKS Attakoya
Thangal(Ideal Trust Secretary),Convener Mr. SayyidImbichiKoyaThangal, Manager Mr.Majeed Ideal and Senior Principal Mr.V. T Joseph were present along with the concerned
HM’s , Teachers & Students

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