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Ideal  provides congenial and  comfortable hostel accommodation  exclusively for  boys with spacious dormitories, laundry,long distance  communication facilities and  above all ,round the clock presence , assistance   and protection of the  Hostel Warden, along with ample security and  vigil.

An infirmary isolates sick children with  a provision for special diet and house keepers   are   accessible at all times,ensuring the health of every  child  , meanwhile student s leaders  help the youngsters in matters of discipline and punctuality.

The friendly warmth and co- operation among peers topped  by the  individualized  care  and counsel make IDEAL BOY’S HOSTEL   ‘ a  true home away from home ‘


The day  in the hostel begins at the morning   beginning with  the  morning  prayer and    Quran recitation/ scripture  reading    followed by  a formal session of fitness training and games for every student .

After this ,students  do have their  wash and brush  followed by a  one hour of supervised  study.

Breakfast is  served at 8.30 the morning  after which the students proceed to their concerned  classes  , beginning at 9.30.A,M.  and  run through till 1’0 clock when they are served with  the lunch after the  Namaz in the Mosque  everyday. . Classes again resume after  a  break of 50 minutes  and run through till 3.30.P.M..There are 8 periods  each day allowing each student to study each subject everyday.

After school students have an opportunity to  have  refreshments like tea snacks etc.., and there are formal games   and   a wide variety of sports  for  all the students for one hour .

AT 5:30 PM they wash and change  in preparation  for two hours of supervised study .

Supper  is served at 8 :30 pm after  which  the  students  are  given special permission to  attend  the phone calls  of the parents or  relatives  who want to communicate  with  the  students and  there  after  the  students   do their  night prayers and  resume  their  home works   and studies  till 10.30. p.m.

All students are to be  at bed by  10.30  pm.

Diet & Dining

Ideal  provides a well balanced and nutritious vegetarian and non vegetarian food for the students. daily diet consists of wheat and  milk, juice4 cereals, vegetables and fruits apart from  a  wide  variety of   menu consisting steam Cake , Bread, Rice, Chapati, Parotta, Dosa, Idly, Puri , Appam  and snacks   and  sweet items which cater to various regional tastes. Only chicken is served as a non vegetarian dish in the main course meal. and  eggs are served twice a week.

Teachers  & Masters dine along with the students and personally look in to each student’s diet habits. Teachers and students render services by rotation so as to create a family environment.

:: On Sunday routine

On Sundays, a more relaxed routine is followed but emphasis is again placed upon offering students a variety of options in a carefully supervised way. Sports  often form  the basis of the day and walk trips, outside visits  , training  camps, work experience  and movies become a part of their Sunday schedule.

Health & Medicine

There is a well equipped hospital with  all the  facilities only  2 kms  away from the school campus and the doctor is available round the clock for any emergency.

In case of a serious illness the   parents will be duly informed  and  will take  necessary steps  as  per  the  wish of  the  parents.


Hostel Library   plays  a  vital role   in boosting   the  reading  habit  of  the  students